How You Budget For Your Mortgage Is Important To A Successful Home Purchase

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search on a computer for interest ratesBudgeting for a home is one of the hardest things that you may find yourself doing during your lifetime. There are so many factors that can inform the choices that you make. When choosing a home it is imperative that you think about all of the factors that you may face in the life of your mortgage. Knowing what to expect and preparing for what you may not be able to foresee is key to having a successful time in your home in the years to come. 

Village Employee Benefit Fund Helps Village Workers In Need

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newspaper with headline saying KudosThe Village Employees Benefit Fund has been in existence since 1999 and has been able to be a resource that helps put our Village workers when needed. Originally the Fund was created to say “Thanks” to employees after an ice storm that hit the Village that year. The gift was given at Christmastime and at that time was only a small gift of $16 per employee. Over the years the fund has grown and the group has been able to provide annual Christmas stipends to both full-time and part-time employees. The Fund has also been able to give small amounts of money to employees on a need basis at certain times throughout the years which has been greatly appreciated. This year because of the generosity of many Village residents and several local business sponsors, the Village Employee Benefit Fund was able to give a cash gift of $300 for every full-time hourly employee, and $150 for every part-time hourly employee. 

Inclement Weather Forces Changes To POA Amenities

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safety first signWith the on-set of inclement weather it is always good to have certain contact information close at hand if you should ever need it. Here is some helpful information that you can use when an emergency situation happens to you or your family. As always it is important to stay home if at all possible when there is deteriorating road conditions. It is imperative that emergency vehicles and road crews are able to do their jobs when bad weather happens. Please use caution if you must travel. These roads were closed today:

  • Fresno Rd. between Ponferrada Way and Carmona Rd.
  • Barcelona Rd. between Tomino Way and Paso Way
  • Balearic Rd. between Coronado Dr. and Reata Way