Village Nature Trail Photography Contest Submissions Needed

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wooded trailHot Springs Village Trails Committee is sponsoring a Fall photo contest from October 15th through November 15th. You have till November 15th to send in your photos. Each photo entered should be from the trails of Hot Springs Village. Winners will be chosen from a set of four categories with a “Best Overall” photo from all of the entries submitted. The categories to choose from are Flowers and Foliage, People and Pets, Wildlife, and Water Features. Remember each photo should represent each category set in the backdrop of the beautiful and amazing trails we have here in Hot Springs Village.

Each separate photo must be accompanied by an entry form so that each trail where the picture was taken can be identified. You can find the necessary entry form. To submit your photos (along with entry forms) electronically, photos must be in .jpeg format and should be sent to: To drop off photos in person you can take them to the POA Recreation Office at the Coronado Fitness Center. For in-person drop-off, entries must be a MINIMUM of 4 inches by 6 inches. 

Winners, recognized with a certificate, will also be showcased on the wall at the Coronado Community Center for all to see and enjoy!

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