Hot Springs Village Nature Trails

Village Nature Trail Photography Contest Submissions Needed

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wooded trailHot Springs Village Trails Committee is sponsoring a photo contest for part of April and the whole month of May. While the contest started April 7th you have until May 31st to send in your photos. Each photo entered should be from the trails of Hot Springs Village. Winners will be chosen from a set of four categories with also a “Best Overall” photo from all of the entries submitted. The categories to choose from are: Flowers and Foliage, People and Pets, Wildlife, and Water Features. Remember each photo should represent each category set in the backdrop of the beautiful and amazing trails we have here in Hot Springs Village.

Month Long Walking Challenge Offered By HSV Recreation Department

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pathway in woodsCompleting a marathon or even a half marathon is a feat that many athletes strive towards. Training many weeks/months to condition their bodies for the grueling task. What if there was a way to walk at your own pace and still complete the same amount of equivalent miles? For the whole month of October you can, on your own schedule, complete this challenge. Thanks to the Hot Spring Village Recreation Department you can sign up for this month-long October event! Simply walk the trails located right here in the Village and track how many miles that you walk. You can complete the trails as described on the form at your own leisure. After you finish each trail and log your miles just return the form (found here) no later than 4:30 p.m. on October 31st to Jeannie Rocha from the Recreation Administration Office located at the Coronado Fitness Center. The address for the Fitness Center is 160 Ponderosa Lane. Hot Springs Village 71909. Any questions that you may have can also be directed to the Recreation office at 501-922-0322.

Scenic Biking in Hot Springs Village

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Summer is here!  And Summer is a great time to clean up your bicycle and hit the trails.  Work off some of that extra winter/pandemic padding that may be lingering, and enjoy the season! Biking is also a perfect activity that lends itself well to healthy practices. By making sure that you are staying active and hydrated you can continue to enjoy the benefits of cycling through the amazing Hot Springs Village trails.