Hot Springs Village Trails

There are over 20 miles of natural, secluded trails found within the gates of Hot Springs Village, and offer the perfect setting for taking a quick run, enjoying a long bike ride, or simply exploring the natural beauty here.

View the Hot Springs Village Nature Trails Map

• DeSoto Multi Trail, 3.5 miles
• Sonora, Emperado, Calella Multi Trail, 0.7 miles
• DeSoto Marina Multi Trail, 0.7 miles
• Santa Maria Cart/Bicycle Lane, 1.3 miles
• DeSoto Park Nature Trail, 0.4 miles
• DeSoto Spillway Trail, 0.8 miles
• Barcelona Cart/Bicycle Lane, 1.2 miles
• Carmona Cart/Bicycle Lane, 1.1 miles
• Hernando Trail, 8.0 miles
• Lake Coronado Boat Ramp Trail, 0.3 miles
• Cedar Creek Nature Trail, 3.1 miles
• Magellan Beaver Dam Trail, 0.7 miles
• Lake Balboa Spillway Trail, 1.6 miles

Maps and trail surveys are available in boxes at most trail heads.  Pets are welcome on the Village trails but must be leashed, cleaned up after and under positive control of the owner.  15 mph speed limit for multipurpose trails. Pedestrians have the right of way.

View the Hot Springs Village Nature Trails Map


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