Upcoming Board of Directors New Member Vote Cancelled

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cloud letter spelling hmmThere may be some confusion reguarding what was the upcoming election of Board of Director members that was scheduled. Due to some shifts in eligibility of Hot Springs Village Board of Directors candidates there will be NO formal ballot sent to any members for this upcoming term elections. The number of candidates equals the number of open positions on the Board. Therefore, pursuant to the Bylaws the official election will not take place. The eligible candidates will be declared elected on a future date that has yet to be determined. The terms of these future Board Members will start in April of 2022. 

Upcoming Vote Will Install New Board Of Director Members *Updated*

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vote spelled out in scrabble tilesHot Springs Village POA will be holding elections for three Board Of Director spots that are open for the next term. Six POA members offered up applications for the open seats. The candidates are Pam Avila, Tosha J. Baggett, Bruce Caverly, JoAnne Corry, Peter Kirk Denger, and Jama Wegeng Lopez.