HSV Rules Regarding Political Sign Placement

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scrabble tiles that spell out the word voteWith the onset of the political “season” there are few regulations that need to be followed when posting political signs in your yard here in Hot Springs Village. There is a certain look that the Village strives for when political signs are placed. These restrictions were agreed upon by the Architectural Control Committee. 

Political signs must be:

  • Limited to 3 square feet and cannot be 30 inches above grade 

  • May be placed 30 days before the election date but they have to be removed 5 days after the election. For this election you can place signs starting Sunday, October 4th.

  • Only one sign per candidate or referendum is allowed per lot. Three signs max per lot.

  • Polling location buildings are exempt from the limits of signs.

  • Signs must not use any profane or insulting language in their verbiage.


Please follow these rules to the best of your ability.