Where To Start When You Want To Declutter Your Home in 2023

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girl cleaning out her closetAfter ringing in the New Year now is as good as time as ever to stop and think about your clutter and how to manage it. When you have time on your hands you can make a dent in your to-do list. By the end you should have a clear and spacious space. Getting started is the hardest part sometimes so you need to have a plan and hopefully a crew to help you. By making a dent early and being able to see the fruits of your labor realized can help you find the motivation to continue throughout the year. 

POA Services Amend Their Hours For New Years

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sorry we're closed signHere are some closing and modifications to some schedules as we head into the New Year. As far as the Sanitation Facility located on Minorca Rd. it will be closed on January 2nd in observance of New Year Day. trash pick-up will be delayed one day the week following the holiday. Commercial pick-ups remain unchanged but will only be running on Tuesday and Thursday. Special pick-up will not resume until after the holidays so be sure to wait to schedule those appointments. The drop site for leaves and debris will be unavailable January the 2nd as well. Any questions be sure to contact the Hot Springs Village Public Services Department

Home Work-Out Space Is A Necessity For Some

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dumbbellsWe have all had our lives changed by the COVID-19 pandemic in more ways than one. Including a rise in other respiratory infections like the flu and RSV. While some are comfortable returning to the gym others might still not and finding a space inside your home may be key to creating the best healthy lifestyle. Space inside a busy home can be a premium whether you sneak a workout in with your phone or tablet or you have a dedicated room with equipment. When looking for a home, making sure that there is a space for your needs may be an important part of the home buying purchase.