Hot Springs Village Golf Courses

Hot Springs Village Amenities To Open During Phase 1

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book with some pages folded into a heart As Arkansas finds their way to reopening the state, Hot Springs Village is moving forward with all the Phase 1 activities and spaces that are allowed to open. With each opening comes certain rules and restrictions that need to be followed in order to usher in a successful transition to Phase 2 of the reopening plan. 

Major Golf Tournament Moves That Will Take Place This Year

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golfer on a teeThe current Corona Virus Pandemic has thrown a wrench into all major sports seasons both current and upcoming. In regards to golf all of the major golf associations, including the USGA, R&A, PGA Tour, PGA of America, European Tour, LPGA Tour and the Masters, have gotten together to issue a statement to address the future of the current season. Here are some takeaways from the announcement that will be a big change to the upcoming season.