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Village Nature Trail Photography Contest Submissions Needed

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wooded trailHot Springs Village Trails Committee is sponsoring a Fall photo contest from October 15th through November 15th. You have till November 15th to send in your photos. Each photo entered should be from the trails of Hot Springs Village. Winners will be chosen from a set of four categories with a “Best Overall” photo from all of the entries submitted. The categories to choose from are Flowers and Foliage, People and Pets, Wildlife, and Water Features. Remember each photo should represent each category set in the backdrop of the beautiful and amazing trails we have here in Hot Springs Village.

Coronado Fitness Center Challenges Residents

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Coronado Fitness Center challenges YOU to do 1,500 crunches during the whole month of October! Starting Monday, October 2nd you can register for the challenge by paying a small $2 raffle fee. This will put in the running to win a PRIZE at the end of the month. Head to the fitness center to pay and sign up for this challenge.

There are many resources on how to do proper crunches as well as the many varieties that exist. Be sure to find the ones that best fit your exercise level so that you do not overdo it and injure yourself. A quick Google search will bring up a ton of instructional videos and information to get you started. Happy Crunching!  

National Preparedness Month Should Include Your Pets!

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dog with excited faceNational Preparedness Month is observed every September and this year is no different. Most people who prepare for disasters or unknown events will prepare for themselves what is necessary. However, your pets also need to be a part of that plan. Knowing what to prepare for them both during the emergency as well as after is important. The Red Cross as well as Ready.gov are great resources for everyone to be prepared for whatever emergency happens.