Thanksgiving in Hot Springs Village

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It's going to be an especially 'chilly' Thanksgiving holiday weekend this year!  

Not the best golf weather . . . but if you dress appropriately . . . and you're an avid golfer . . . it's the perfect time to take advantage of great golf rates offered from Wednesday, Nov. 27 through Sunday, Dec. 1.

Family members and visiting guests (playing with an HSV member), will be able to play golf at member rates. For more information call 501-922-2858.


Did You Know . . . HSV History Trivia

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Did you know that the land on which Hot Springs Village sits was once known as the "dark corner" because of it's lawless settlers.  The population in the area (known as Marble Township in the late 1800's) was small, and was mostly made up of moonshiners and active members of the Ku Klux Klan.  Other settlers avoided the area because of it's lawless reputation.  Only the very bravest of farmers moved in and developed new communities.

Can you envision an old western movie where the outlaws are drinking and shooting up the saloon in town . . . then riding out to the farms to pillage and plunder?

It's Water Skiing Weather in Hot Springs Village

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Ahh!  Late spring/early summer in Hot Springs Village is glorious!  Time to sharpen your water skiing skills on one of our beautiful lakes.  Before you venture out, make sure you're following the basic safety rules of water skiing.

  • Skiers must wear life jackets . . . no jacket is not an option.
  • Put up the orange flag so other boaters know you have a skier behind you.
  • Always have a 3rd person on the boat to watch the skier, even if you have a rear-view mirror.
  • Know where potential dangers are in the water before you venture out,
  • Never ski when visibility is bad, if it's starting to get dark, or it's foggy.

There are lots of rules and laws governing water skiing.  Be sure you are familiar with all the rules of the lake and you learn what to do to ensure other boaters can see you in the water when you're down.  

Most of all . . . have fun!