Golfing in the Fall/Winter Months in Hot Springs Village

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couple golfing with golf cart

Hot Spring Village offers 9 professionally designed golf courses that allow year round golfing opportunities. This often requires specific fall/winter maintinence that ensures that the courses keep their tees, greens and fairways beautiful. 

Making sure that you have the proper tools on hand to repair any ball marks or divots are essential for proper upkeep. While ball marks and divots should be taken care of year round it is important during the fall and winter while the grass is dormant to be proactive to repair as needed. Ball marks can scar the green so it is imperative to repair them to keep the green up to par. Divots can cause unwanted irregularities while playing out your game. Here are some videos that will assist you in repairing ball marks and divots.

Ball Marks


During the fall and winter months it is especially important for the dormant grass health to make sure that you are operating the golf carts with care.  Avoid ubrupt starts, stops and turns while operating the carts. Be sure to keep a proper distance away from water logged patches or areas with puddles. Dry grass can also be an issue due to the indentation of tire tracks due to overuse so be sure to adhere to all rules and regulations of the course. 

When it is cooler outside it is sometimes wise to use a softer ball to increase the amount of feel you have through the club. The ball also does not travel as far when it is cool so it is wise to evaluate club size when the weather takes a cold turn. Courses can firm up or be soft due to changing weather conditions so be sure to check weather conditions each time you are set to tee off. This will ensure you have the proper tools on hand.

In an attempt to keep our courses in the best shape possible please be courteous and remove all debris from the course and place it in the proper receptacles. 

For more information check out under the Member Resources tab then Golf and Recreation tab. 

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