We Love Our Dogs, But Do We Love The Way They Smell?

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dog noseWe all love our dogs but don’t always love how they smell or make our homes smell. Short of getting rid of our pets or placing them in an outdoor space there are some things that you can do to mitigate the smells that can be present in our homes. 

The reason dogs smell the way they do boils down to the natural oil on their skin. People are able to shower much more often than our dogs are subjected to the chore so these oils can build up and transfer to fabrics. A healthy animal should have a certain odor to them that can be kept at bay by regular grooming and a reasonable bathing ritual. If you have been following these types of schedules and your dog still has a strong odor then you may have to check with a vet to see if the dog has a skin or dental infection.

Once you have eliminated a medical issue contributing to the smell, you can try simple solutions that can improve your home experience. These solutions can range in price so depending on how much you want to invest in the solution you can start small and see what works for you. 

Some of the simple steps you can take to help with the smell is to simply keep a strict cleaning schedule. Vacuuming the dog bed once a week and every couple of weeks these beds should be washed along with any chair or sofa covers that you should be using to keep your furniture protected. Keeping your floors clean will definitely help as well. Depending on the type of dog you have and their specific shedding type you should vacuum accordingly. Hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors should be cleaned with hot water and a pet-friendly cleaning solution. Baking soda is a natural odor eliminator and can be used around your pets safely so it would be a helpful solution. 

Odor elimination can be handled in some other ways as well. Air purifiers can be helpful but because of the amount that the smell can permeate you typically would require a pretty high-end model so unless you want to spend the money you may want to consider some odor-eliminating gels that contain some natural extracts that can help neutralize the smell. Simply put these containers of odor neutralizers around the home to help remove the smell of the dog. These can work much better than masking the smell with candles or potpourri since they can remove the smell not cover it up.

Your dog is a member of your family so living with everything that comes with that can be a challenge. However, if you can commit to a proper cleaning regimen then it will certainly help the situation. We love our dogs and hopefully, we can love living with them. Interested in adopting a dog or cat to be a member of your family then head to the Hot Springs Village Animal Welfare League.