National Preparedness Month Should Include Your Pets!

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dog with excited faceNational Preparedness Month is observed every September and this year is no different. Most people who prepare for disasters or unknown events will prepare for themselves what is necessary. However, your pets also need to be a part of that plan. Knowing what to prepare for them both during the emergency as well as after is important. The Red Cross as well as are great resources for everyone to be prepared for whatever emergency happens.

Your emergency kit for your pet should include everything they would need to be comfortable for a few days away from home. A lot of hotels and shelters do not allow pets so knowing where you can go that will accept your pet is key. Assemble the kit in an easily carried bag or bin. The kit should include:

  • Harness, leash, or a carrier to transport the pet safely

  • Food, water, and dishes for each

  • Cat litter pan if it applies

  • Current Vet records and vaccination proof as well as any medication that your pet may need

  • Current photo of pet in case of separation

  • First aid kit

  • Comfort items (pet bed, toys, etc.)

Disasters create unknowns that all you can do is prepare for them. The more prepared you are the better the outcome will be. Make sure your pet is comfortable with any evacuation steps that you may have to take such as getting in a carrier or traveling in the car. Keeping up to date with all vaccinations is important because some shelters will not allow pets without the proper proof in order to make sure no diseases are spread. Microchipping your pet is also a great way to make sure if you are separated from your pet it can be easily tracked back to you. Current owner information will ensure that your pet is safely returned. 

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