Hot Springs Village Recovers From Strong Storm Activity

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sign that says safety firstThankfully, Hot Springs Village was spared any loss of life during the strong storms and tornado activity last week. Property damage can always be fixed and trees will, in time, grow back. Services within the Village are coming back online every day but it is important to check on what’s available and what amenities can be accessed. 

As of today, Monday, March 18th, the POA is asking that residents not access the trails here in the Village. The POA is working diligently to clear all the trails by uncluttering branches and making sure that any trees that are in danger of falling or any branches that are hanging by a thread are taken care of properly. Concerning the roads, it is still being asked that you ONLY travel when necessary and that you are aware that crews may be still in the Village doing work. 

Trash pick-up will be changed for a portion of the Village. Areas of the Village that have pick-up on Tuesday and Wednesday will not have trash services this week. Trash Service will be normal on Monday, and Thursday, and special collection services on Friday. If you live in one of the affected areas you can put your trash can out and the collectors may be able to pick it up if roads are cleared appropriately.

For an overview of the complete storm response, you can head here for more information. Also available will be aerial photos of the areas impacted. 

Ken Unger, the Director of Public Services has issued a statement that you can read here:

Starting today, POA employees will be manning the gates so that they can monitor any contractor activity that will be necessary. Please follow gate access rules so that any workers that you have coming in can access your property for services. Please refrain from contacting the POA for updates or non-essential questions. The staff here in Hot Springs Village have been working very hard to keep everything running and do not need to be distracted.